Our History

We at GK Prince Paan, make some delicious and tasty paan for you. We are professional Paan walla. We know that in every season after eating food you need something special and healthy that's why we at GK Prince Paan make something different with your paan. We understand your taste and mood so we provide different types of paan which definitely suits your need. We are a renowned name in this field that's why people trust us and our purity.
We believe and treat our customers like God. We believe in maintaining personal and family relations with our customers. We believe in giving the best service to them as all the ingredients that we use are very pure and genuine without any mixing.

Why us

We owe the success to so many aspects, starting from the quality of ingredients prominently the freshness of paan leaves, to the special folding techniques and finally pinning it up with a clove bud.

Prince Paan is truly the connoisseurs of Paan in today’s modern era, as our paan does not leave colour on the lips but it’s soft fragrance and freshness makes people come back to us time and again.

Our Mission

With a vision to carve a niche for Prince Paan in India’s booming online arena, our bold agenda includes a completely new digital strategy to be supported by digital competnece and analytics. We are poised to capitalize on today's technology and consumer preferences, thereby ensuring digital tracking of all the supplies, billing and purchasing of raw materials. Our aim is to secure all the small-time vendors under our umbrella, ensure a higher visibility and bigger brand name, track orders online and fulfil the customer’s dream of having a Paan right at the doorstep.

What We Offer

Today, paan has become an integral part of Indian hospitality and is a present in all weddings, pujas, celebrations and Bollywood events. Walking conjointly with the needs of an Indian customer, Prince Paan has a diverse range which caters to all the sections of society.

Our legendry GK store is braced by collages of celebrities such as Sridevi, Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan Lata Mangeshkar etc. not only enjoying but also endorsing our products. Our relationships with Ambanis, Munjals, the Bachchans, and Kapoors is a manifestation of our premium products and elite clientele.